Friday, June 6, 2014

Ant Rubeziaus

I’m not sure what Ant Rubeziaus means, and it hasn’t done any good to look it up in the usual places.  I’m guessing it means something like folk festival.  Anyway, for those of us living in the city center, it has meant transformation of Šiauliai’s pedestrian street into a kilometer-long midway reminiscent of the Geauga County Fair.  And it’s been great fun. 

They’ve built a stage for traditional music performances and folk dancing (see photo, above). 

They’ve built stalls for arts and crafts—for displaying wooden spoons and cutting boards, amber necklaces, and comfort food (see the picture of sausages, potatoes, and sauerkraut on the grill, below). 

And everybody enjoys Gira (see photo, below), an ultra-low-alcohol Lithuanian brew that goes along perfectly with summer.


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