Saturday, May 3, 2014

Uncle Olav, We Hardly Knew Ye


The origins of my father’s family are somewhat obscure.  I have always assumed that we came from a long line of eastern European peasants, an opinion that I continue to hold despite the experience of having met a few of my Old World relatives (in Atlanta—long story) and discovering that they are as middle-class as you (giving you the benefit of the doubt, dear readers) and I.

And it turns out that there is at least one capitalist success story in the Kolson line, though it involves the Danish branch of the family (There is a Danish branch?  Who knew?)  He may not have been an overnight sensation, but Olav Kolson’s beer is now readily available in many parts of Europe after only 120 years of incubation (since 1896, according to the can).  Anyway, everyone deserves to have a master brewer in the family, and here’s what the corporate website has to say about Olav’s lager:

Brewed and canned under license in the EU, for Kolson Ltd. Kolson lager has already made its mark in Europe with sales making it the fastest growing brand in nine countries. Due in no small part, to its recipe created by Olav Kolson in Copenhagen more than 100 years ago. This recipe together with the name and rights were purchased by us in 2004.

Today the Maxima in Šiauliai, Lithuania.  Tomorrow the world!  Eat your heart out, Sam Adams.



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