Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Visas Have Been Issued

We now have our "vizas," issued by the country that calls itself Lietuva. 

A visa is a document that is inserted directly into one's passport.  Ours are known as national, "D" visas, and they make it clear that we will be welcome in Lithuania starting on January 28 (the day our SAS flight arrives in Vilnius, by way of Copenhagen) until June 23 (the day we're scheduled to fly out of Vilnius and back to the USA, again via Copenhagen).  Importantly, they are "multiple entry" visas, which means we will be allowed to visit other countries without having to worry about whether we'll be allowed back in.  For a prospective Fulbrighter, this is a major hurdle--as is passing the physical, which I also have done.


  1. KAK: congrats on the Fulbright, getting the vizas, and on passing your physical. Not necessarily in that order. We look forward to the full color slide show, a'la Finland, when you return.

    1. Thanks, Smitty. Good to have you along for the ride.